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Heart Truth family spotlight: Wendy Bélanger and Natasha Lazarovic


To quote Wendy Bélanger, “Be prepared to be inspired.” Our first featured model and designer pairing packs an inspirational and talented punch!

Wendy Bélanger is the owner of Influence Salon and an award winning platform hairstylist. Wendy and her work have been featured on radio, television and several commercial and trade magazines.  A winner of the Canadian Hairdresser Awards, Alberta hairstylist of the year styling hair for the Oscars, The Emmy’s, NYC Fashion Week and back stage at the MTV music Awards.

Wendy travels globally as Pureology’s International Artistic Director.  This position gives her the opportunity to create upcoming trends and share her experience as a successful salon owner, stylist and artist which leaves salon professionals finding her relatable and grounded. When not traveling internationally, you can find Wendy either facilitating in NYC at the Redken Exchange or training her own team at her studio in Calgary while servicing her own exclusive clientele.

Wendy’s confidence and passion have allowed her to be a trailblazer both within her field and within the Calgary community. We are so excited to have her strength and femininity embody the creation of designer Natasha Lazarovic.

Temna Flalka is Natasha’s brand that defies limitations. Natasha is a true artistic and creative force that applies her talents to painting, graphic design, sculpting and drawing – to name a few. Temna Fialka enthusiastically supports the merge of contemporary and traditional Ukrainian art and culture to captivate and engage.

Natasha’s design for the 2017 event embodies the duality of womanhood – it is both bold and soft. A perfect fit for Wendy’s courageous and compassionate spirit.

Want to connect with Wendy? Connect through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Influence Salon’s website.

Want to connect with Natasha? Connect through LinkedIn, Twitter, Etsy and her Instagram.

From our hearts to yours,

The Heart Truth Calgary Family

Celebrity/Designer · Heart Truth Family

Heart Truth family spotlight: Michelle Salt and Tracey WardKerr


Strength, determinism and elegance are words that best describe our first model and designer pairing – Michelle Salt and Tracey WardKerr. Tracey is one of our treasured legacy designers who has participated in our 2012 and 2014 events. We are incredibly honoured to have her return for 2017. Tracey’s attention to detail and focus on individual beauty has found a perfect match with Michelle Salt, Canadian Paralympic athlete.

Michelle has always had a passion for sports. When she was 13, she fell in love with snowboarding and chased the dream of someday becoming a professional snowboarder. In June 2011, she faced her most challenging test of strength when she was in a life threatening Motorcycle accident. She spent seven days on life support, five months in the hospital recovering and lost her right leg 10 inches above the knee. Michelle knew she had some difficult times ahead of her, and chose to see the opportunity in her tragedy. Within eight months, Michelle got back on her snowboard and in March 2014, Michelle became the First Female Canadian Paralympic Snowboarder in the 2014 Sochi Paralympic Games.

Michelle’s incredible journey of passion and inspiration demonstrates her personal strength and courage. We are inspired by her, and believe that Tracey is the perfect fit to capture Michelle’s strength and femininity on the runway.

Tracey owns and operates Couture Gown Studio and has been creating custom gowns for over 20 years. We have come to know Tracey as a deeply compassionate team player, who goes above and beyond to establish her commitment to design and community philanthropy.

Tracey’s design for Michelle is a “coat dress” of Asian influence with gorgeous silk brocade fabric. The portrait collar adds focus to the face, with a fitted bodice and stylized kimono skirt.

Tracey captures the beauty of a woman within her designs, and has an intuitive approach that ensures her clients – and our models – feel comfortable in her creations. We are looking forward to watching Michelle own the runway in Tracey’s delicate and bespoke design.

Want to connect with Michelle? Reach out through Twitter, Instagram or her website.

Want to connect with Tracey? Reach out through Facebook or her website.

Limited tickets still available to see Michelle and Tracey’s partnership come to life in the name of heart health. Purchase your tickets here and join us for a night of community, health awareness and philanthropy.

From our heart to yours,

The Heart Truth Calgary Family