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Heart Truth family spotlight: Nadine Brown and Chantal Traub


Nadine and Chantal are two passionate and philanthropic women who value their communities. We are delighted to welcome back our legacy designer Chantal Traub and welcome Nadine Brown to the family.

Nadine was born and raised in Edmonton and became a dental hygienist in 1982. She married her high school sweetheart Kevin (their 32nd wedding anniversary was in May!) and moved to Calgary in 1886. Nadine worked as a hygienist for 12 years after which she chose to stay home with her three children and support her busy husband. During that time, Nadine was also involved as a volunteer training assistant in a personal development program called Choices for 10 years. Nadine was part of a mentoring program with CUPS and worked closely with an aboriginal mother and her four children for a year. Nadine and her husband have been involved with (and are big supporters) of the United way for over 25 years. Nadine is currently on the Gift Giving Cabinet of the Canadian Women’s Foundation, which is Canada’s only national foundation dedicated to giving women and girls a better life by stopping violence, ending poverty and empowering young girls. Nadine is passionate about health and wellness, cares deeply about community and looks forward to becoming more engaged as she heads into the next phase of her life.

Chantal Traub handcrafts one-of-a-kind fabrics, clothing and home textiles. Thoughtfulness and care is instilled into each piece. She tells the story of our times in creations using hand painted, silkscreen printed and hand drawn designs.  Her clothing and home textiles are infused with passion and practicality to beautifully last for many seasons. The designs are playful, chic and emotive – inspiring everyone to bring colour into their lives.

Want to connect with Nadine? Reach out through the Canadian Women’s Foundation website.

Want to connect with Chantal? Reach out through Facebook, Etsy and her website.

See Nadine in Chantal’s design at the Heart Truth Fashion Show on February 11, 2017. Purchase your ticket here.

From our hearts to yours,

The Heart Truth Calgary Family


Celebrity/Designer · Heart Truth Family

Heart Truth family spotlight: Kathy Heffernan and Lara Presber


When we think of the heartbeat of our show, Kathy and Lara represent the very strength and dedication of what makes our event a success. Lara is one of our beloved legacy designers, having participated in our 2012 and 2014 show.

Kathy is a very proud mother of five beautiful children ages 28 through 12 and her measure for success is to get all of her children to educated adulthood. She has pursued two careers, over 20 years at TELUS as Director of Travel and is currently entering her 10th year enjoying her role at Zedi as Director of General Services. Kathy is happily married, and she and her husband enjoy summers at the lake, food, wine, travel and many laughs and good times with friends. She is passionate about her family, her health and attempts to stay physically fit! She is excited and a little nervous to participate in the Heart Truth Fashion Show.

Lara is an architect and designer that is creating the third dress for The Heart Truth Calgary Fashion Show. Lara’s remarkable talents are out shined by her philanthropic heart, and her commitment to Calgary’s community.

Lara shared a bit about the design with us; “The Renaisance-inspired dress draws from Joan of Arc and her fearlessness in leading her people to victory. I was interested in chain mail (articulated in sequin) and how it provides protection, but is still fluid and feminine. The style lines were taken from the seams of Armour from an Italian historical painting I found of her (or a historical interpretation,) says Lara.” We simply cannot wait to see this creation, and how it depicts the theme of our event experience, on the runway!

Want to connect with Kathy? Connect through LinkedIn.

Want to connect with Lara? Connect through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or through her website.

See Kathy in Lara’s creation by attending and supporting the Heart Truth Fashion Show this February 11, 2017. Purchase your ticket here.

From our hearts to yours,

The Heart Truth Calgary Family

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Heart Truth family spotlight: Lisa Murphy and Nicole Rita Tomney

THT_Design_Celeb-Designer_Matches_Nov 5_7.jpg

Our next duo is equal parts passion and tenacity. Lisa Murphy and Nicole Rita Tomney (NRT Fashions) are two strong women with incredible talent in their respective fields. Nicole is a legacy designer, having participated in our 2014 event. To quote Nicole, “Stand out or stand down,” – a quote that captures the unique and hardworking personalities within this pairing.

As Vice President of Alberta Private Client, Lisa is responsible for the development and evolution of this new Alberta private banking offer. Highly experienced in private wealth management, Lisa leads a team of dedicated and experienced wealth management advisors. Prior to joining ATB, Lisa spent 23 years at a major financial institution, with the last 15 years leading private banking, investment counsel and trust teams in Alberta. Community and family are important to Lisa. Juggling work and family commitments with her husband and two children, Lisa still manages to volunteer for a number of non-profit organizations. Though always willing to lend a helping hand, Lisa currently focuses on arts and animal welfare charities throughout Alberta.

NRT was founded in 2010 by Nicole after graduating from the Fashion Program at Blanche MacDonald Centre (Vancouver, Canada).  NRT is a high end women’s and men’s wear line based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. NRT mixes the facets of wearable art and everyday style to create a unique brand that catches your attention both on and off the runway.  Since starting NRT, Nicole has had the opportunity to be represented in the Calgary Fashion Industry by many different outlets including; magazines, newspapers, fashion shows, music videos, and boutiques to name a few. Nicole has kept very busy over the past few years showing her collections not only within the Calgary Fashion scene but other city’s including Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, and Mexico. Specializing in couture, NRT is not afraid to create one-of-a kind shocking pieces.

Want to connect with Lisa? Reach out through Twitter.

Want to connect with NRT? Reach out through Twitter, Instagram or her website.

Limited tickets still available to see Lisa rock NRT’s visionary design. Purchase your tickets here and join us for a night of community, health awareness and philanthropy.

From our heart to yours,

The Heart Truth Calgary Family

Celebrity/Designer · Heart Truth Family

Heart Truth family spotlight: Zahra Al-Harazi and Jovalene Fox


We enthusiatically annouce our second Heart Truth family pairing: Zahra Al-Harazi and Jovalene Fox. Zahra is one of our legacy models, having participated in our 2012 event. Both Zahra and Jovalene hail from Toronto, and we are honouredto have them join us in 2017. Zahra’s philanthropic heart is a perfect pair for Jovalene’s experience and passion.

Zahra is one of Calgary’s Top 40 Under 40 (2009), Business in Calgary’s “Leader of Tomorrow” (2010), Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year – Chatelaine (2011), one of Canada’s 100 most powerful women -WXN (2012) and she has also received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubiliee medal for contributions to Canada (2012) and the RBC Top 25 Immigrants to Canada Award (2013). She has also been appointed as the Canadian Ambassador to UNICEF. Zahra is CEO, Founder and Creative Director of Foundry Communications, an multiple international award winning marketing and communications studio. Foundry offers a full range of design and marketing communication services to a solid portfolio of private and public clients and was recognized as one of Canada’s Top 10 up and coming entrepreneurial companies in Profit W100 magazine (2009), and a W100 company – #82 (2011). Along with an impressive client list, Foundry has achieved international and prestigious acclaim from many global design institutions. Zahra is an internationally acclaimed Speaker across Canada and in countries around the world including Turkey, U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Germany and India. She is represented by Speakers Spotlight. She sits on the Board of Directors for Entrepreneurs Organization as the Communications Chair and on the EO Global Communications Committee, The National Make-a-Wish Foundation Board. She is a former member of The OGM Editorial Advisory Board and the former Chair of the Fund Development Committee for the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary. She is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Design, Graphic Designers of Canada, Type Directors Club International, Canadian Women in Communications, Rotary Club (Downtown) Women’s Executive Network, International Women’s Forum and The Entrepreneurs Organization.

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Jovalene is a recent fashion graduate from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. Prior to moving to Toronto to pursue fashion, Jovalene obtained a diploma in fashion production at Olds College where she developed a love of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. She has been fortunate to intern and work with various Canadian designers such as Rivini, VAWK, Paul Hardy, Lucian Matis and Toronto luxury designer, Farley Chatto. In addition to studies in Fashion Design, Jovalene completed a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Alberta. Throughout her nursing career, Jovalene has developed skills in Critical Care nursing working in Cardiology Intensive Care and has maintained those specialized skills in both Alberta and Ontario. In her most recent MassEx graduate collection, Jovalene took her love of couture fashion, attention to detail and love of luxury fabrics to deliver a modern interpretation of luxury bridal. Jovalene has been the winner of the People’s Choice NAFA student fur competition in 2014 and most recently was the ICFF FASH-ION (Italian Contemporary Film Festival) Competition winner in 2016. Incorporating traditional design elements and transforming them into modern ideas is what inspires Jovalene most in her designs. Jovalene is thankful for the experiences that she has gained in the healthcare field, and looks forward to the new opportunities as she endeavours to make a presence for herself in the global fashion world.

Want to connect with Zahra? Reach out through Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Want to connect with Jovalene? Reach out through Instagram.

We are thrilled to have these Toronto-living ladies return to Calgary for the event. Limited tickets still available to see Zahra walk the runway in Jovalene’s creation. Purchase your tickets here and join us for a night of community, health awareness and philanthropy.

From our heart to yours,

The Heart Truth Calgary Family

Heart Health

The truth is…little do we know how much life can change in a moment

It was important to our organizing committee that our promotional campaign be high-fashion and carry a direct connection to the cause. We were humbled by the natural fit and selection of our professional model, Kiki Buttignol, from Sophia Models International, whom suffered a heart attack at 31-years-old. Kiki’s inner strength and beauty is one of many reasons you will find yourself moved by her experience  In her own words, Kiki shares her journey with The Heart Truth Fashion Show – and with you – read about her experience below:

tht_design_campaign-shoot_postcards_10“On August 14, 2007, I woke up a healthy and physically active mother with an 18-month-old daughter. Little did I know how much my life was going to change that day.

Early that morning, while working out at home with a personal trainer, I experienced a stabbing feeling between my shoulder blades. I presumed I had pulled a muscle in my back. I got off the treadmill. I started to become nauseous. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I could see that something was seriously wrong.

Within 45 minutes the pain became unbearable, radiating through my neck, jaw and right am. The pressure was so intense it felt as though my chest was being crushed by an elephant. I knew i had to do something quickly.

Googling “chest pain” with 18-month-old Stella on my knee, I followed a flow chart. The chart listed numerous symptoms for heart attack. I had them all. With the next click, the screen lit up in large, bold, red letters. They screamed at me, “CALL 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY. THIS CALL MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE!”

EMS arrived. I was administered Aspirin and Nitroglycerin. They ran an ECG, which was immediately sent to the cardiologist at Foothills Hospital. Within minutes I was in the ambulance being rushed to Foothills Emergency.

For six days, I remained in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at The Libin Institute undergoing numerous tests and studies. The medical staff was baffled. They couldn’t pinpoint the cause of my heart attack. After undergoing a cardiogram below many watchful eyes, I was informed there was no sign of heart disease, nor blockage, and that my coronary vessel was strong, clear and healthy.

It wasn’t until I met with Dr. Todd Anderson, Head Cardiologist of The Libin Institute at Foothills Hospital, that I was diagnosed with Prinzmetal angina. Essentially this is spasming of the coronary vessel. In my case this spasm was so severe, it seized and completely shut my coronary vessel. The doctors believed the cause of this was directly related to life stresses.

It’s almost a decade later. How am I now? Allow me to summarize…At the time of hospitalization 20 to 25 per cent of my heart function had been lost. After eight months, with the help of The Libin Institute, my heart function had been rehabilitated back to 100 per cent.

This experience forced me to allow myself to ask for help, learn when to say no, and make healthier choices. Most of all, I acknowledged it is impossible to be everything to everybody. I was also reconnected to my childhood passion…show jumping horses. A passion my 10-year-old daughter, Stella, and I now share.

Having a heart attack is a life changing especially as a 31-year-old woman. My biggest realization was that in order to care for others, I needed to care for myself first. Heart attack is the number one killer of women of all ages. Never disregard chest pain. Always manage your stress levels. If you think you’re having a heart attack, call 9-1-1 immediately. This call may save your life.

This is my Heart Truth,

Love Kiki”

The committee would like to thank the team that made this dream campaign come to life.

Photo by: Noah Fallis Photography
Red Dress: Danielle Currah of D.C. Designs Inc. originally worn by Michelle McGrattan
Hair: Beverly Robertson of Influence-A Wendy Bélanger Salon
Makeup: Karen Malcolm-Pye – Calgary based Makeup Artist
Location: Spruce Meadows
Model: Kiki Buttignol of Sophia Models International


Celebrity/Designer · Heart Truth Family

Heart Truth family spotlight: Michelle Salt and Tracey WardKerr


Strength, determinism and elegance are words that best describe our first model and designer pairing – Michelle Salt and Tracey WardKerr. Tracey is one of our treasured legacy designers who has participated in our 2012 and 2014 events. We are incredibly honoured to have her return for 2017. Tracey’s attention to detail and focus on individual beauty has found a perfect match with Michelle Salt, Canadian Paralympic athlete.

Michelle has always had a passion for sports. When she was 13, she fell in love with snowboarding and chased the dream of someday becoming a professional snowboarder. In June 2011, she faced her most challenging test of strength when she was in a life threatening Motorcycle accident. She spent seven days on life support, five months in the hospital recovering and lost her right leg 10 inches above the knee. Michelle knew she had some difficult times ahead of her, and chose to see the opportunity in her tragedy. Within eight months, Michelle got back on her snowboard and in March 2014, Michelle became the First Female Canadian Paralympic Snowboarder in the 2014 Sochi Paralympic Games.

Michelle’s incredible journey of passion and inspiration demonstrates her personal strength and courage. We are inspired by her, and believe that Tracey is the perfect fit to capture Michelle’s strength and femininity on the runway.

Tracey owns and operates Couture Gown Studio and has been creating custom gowns for over 20 years. We have come to know Tracey as a deeply compassionate team player, who goes above and beyond to establish her commitment to design and community philanthropy.

Tracey’s design for Michelle is a “coat dress” of Asian influence with gorgeous silk brocade fabric. The portrait collar adds focus to the face, with a fitted bodice and stylized kimono skirt.

Tracey captures the beauty of a woman within her designs, and has an intuitive approach that ensures her clients – and our models – feel comfortable in her creations. We are looking forward to watching Michelle own the runway in Tracey’s delicate and bespoke design.

Want to connect with Michelle? Reach out through Twitter, Instagram or her website.

Want to connect with Tracey? Reach out through Facebook or her website.

Limited tickets still available to see Michelle and Tracey’s partnership come to life in the name of heart health. Purchase your tickets here and join us for a night of community, health awareness and philanthropy.

From our heart to yours,

The Heart Truth Calgary Family

Heart Truth Family · Save the Date

The truth is…The best is yet to come!

The Heart Truth Calgary committee was honoured to have the opportunity to host our 2017 participants at our event venue, Eighth Avenue Place, in a meet-and-greet special event.

We officially introduced our model and designer roster of “Red Dress” talent and had many supporters there to share in our spirit and to share the story of our campaign; The Heart Truth, for women’s hearth health.

Stay tuned as we debut our list of incredible women from a variety of industries whom all embody the courage, strength and passion for a balanced life filled with leadership and inspiration.

A special thank you in advance to all of our supporters who help us create an evening that leaves each guest engaged, motivated and inspired. February 11, 2017 – an unforgettable night that celebrates heart health and community.

Join us. Tickets on sale November 14, 2016.

Heart Truth Family

The truth is…family comes first


Welcome to the family! We are happy to share our love story with you. We are a growing group of women who are passionate about health and enriching our community through design, performance and education.

Who are we?

Co-chairs Jacqueline Tyler, Shahr Savizi and Ashley Tyler have volunteered together for over four years to create The Heart Truth Calgary Fashion Show. Their collaboration, creativity and commitment to heart-health is the backbone of our Heart Truth family tree. Jacqueline, Shahr and Ashley are supported by team of volunteers who share in their vision to create awareness for heart and stroke disease and women’s heart-health.

Over the years our family has grown, and we have been supported by many talented and thoughtful individuals. This year, our team leads include Emily Couto, Katherine Fortier, Johanna Franconeri, Meagann Hunter, Jamie Lee, Sydney Morin, Maddy Rothel, Alena Schock, and Jessica Tkachuk. Our extended family will total over 40 dedicated men and women who volunteer their time, services and talents leading up to and on the night of February 11, 2017.

Our mission and vision

The truth is, the greatest love story of all, is the one she has with her heart. We want to empower women with knowledge, confidence and purpose. The world needs women, and so many of us aren’t aware that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death among Canadian women. A thoughtful combination of heart-health awareness, fashion and community, The Heart Truth Calgary Fashion show is a night to celebrate women’s health and promote awareness.

Be a trailblazer. Learn more about us here and be the author of your own love story.

From our heart to yours,


Images courtesy of peachICON, Rebooth and Sydney Morin.