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Heart Truth family spotlight: Ebony Lewis and Marsina King


Marsina is a legacy designer of the Heart Truth Calgary Fashion Show. We cannot imagine the event without Marsina’s thoughtful and empathetic approach to community philanthropy. Pairing Marsina with Ebony was an easy choice. Both Marsina and Ebony capture the strength and passion that our event treasures so deeply.

The inspiration for Marsina’s design came from the idea of “many hearts coming together to make something beautiful.” Marsina’s design embodies a story that reflects her interpretation of what the fundraising campaign means to her. From this reflection, Marsina translated the many hearts coming together concept literally onto the dress as follows:

The top of the dress will be made from velvet and the skirt will be dupioni or raw silk. Marsina will create and piece together frayed heart appliqués to affix to the hem of the skirt and cascade upwards, in a reverse waterfall layout. All of the appliqués will be created by layering a number of red/metallic toned fabrics together (laces, chiffons, prints, solids) and strategically cutting the edges to create a layered and frayed look. Marsina will place these organically shaped hearts in groups to mimic floral arrangements.

The pattern on the skirt will be a multitude of ‘frayed heart appliqués’ individually stitched and constructed to come together. And although the hearts may be frayed individually, they join one another to make a beautiful and strong mosaic collectively.

By day, Marsina is a business professional spending her days working full time downtown Calgary. By night, she spends her time sewing, drawing and dreaming about evening wear. Marsina’s love for fashion began at a young age when she learned the fundamentals of sewing. From there, Marsina attained a Bachelors of Design in Fashion Design from Ryerson University in Toronto. After owning MaNoKin Design (her own clothing business) for a number of years,  she found her love of fashion aligned with the creativity and beauty of a well constructed garment and not so much with the commercial side of the business.

For that reason, she made the decision to continue her love affair with fashion on a selective basis, and only when the project spoke to her on a personal level. Evening wear design is how Marsina finds the romance in fashion. It is a fulfilling feeling for Marsina when a sketch evokes an emotional response, as if creating a personal connection to the piece. Marsina’s favourite parts of the design process are sketching ideas, sourcing fabrics, and sewing the intricate hand detailing that can almost always be seen on her pieces.

Ebony Lewis, born and raised in Calgary, is a proud mother of two. After attending YWAM in Kona, Hawaii, Ebony jumped into her career as a sales associate and remained in sales with ENMAX and later TransAlta. Ebony’s passion for people and loving relationships has created many long lasting friendships and support.  Juggling a full time career as single mom, Ebony has supported several causes that helped her develop a strong sense of community and leadership among those around her. 

Ebony has supported and raised funds for Janus Academy in Calgary for five years, and directly supported the Ride to Conquer Cancer for six years. It is very apparent to Ebony that caring for others (and yourself) is a priority.  A strong sense of faith and the belief that being kind is number one to herself and her children is always on Ebony’s mind. Ebony is passionate about enjoying life and the “now.” Ebony beleives on focusing on today, not tomorrow or yesterday.  

According to Ebony, “Be present, love yourself, stay strong and healthy – this will reveal  an inner joy that will inspire those around you.” This is a motto that we completely agree with!

Want to connect to Ebony? Reach out through LinkedIn.

Want to connect to Marsina? Reach out through Instagram.

From our hearts to yours,

Heart Truth Calgary Family

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