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Heart Truth family spotlight: Nadine Brown and Chantal Traub


Nadine and Chantal are two passionate and philanthropic women who value their communities. We are delighted to welcome back our legacy designer Chantal Traub and welcome Nadine Brown to the family.

Nadine was born and raised in Edmonton and became a dental hygienist in 1982. She married her high school sweetheart Kevin (their 32nd wedding anniversary was in May!) and moved to Calgary in 1886. Nadine worked as a hygienist for 12 years after which she chose to stay home with her three children and support her busy husband. During that time, Nadine was also involved as a volunteer training assistant in a personal development program called Choices for 10 years. Nadine was part of a mentoring program with CUPS and worked closely with an aboriginal mother and her four children for a year. Nadine and her husband have been involved with (and are big supporters) of the United way for over 25 years. Nadine is currently on the Gift Giving Cabinet of the Canadian Women’s Foundation, which is Canada’s only national foundation dedicated to giving women and girls a better life by stopping violence, ending poverty and empowering young girls. Nadine is passionate about health and wellness, cares deeply about community and looks forward to becoming more engaged as she heads into the next phase of her life.

Chantal Traub handcrafts one-of-a-kind fabrics, clothing and home textiles. Thoughtfulness and care is instilled into each piece. She tells the story of our times in creations using hand painted, silkscreen printed and hand drawn designs.  Her clothing and home textiles are infused with passion and practicality to beautifully last for many seasons. The designs are playful, chic and emotive – inspiring everyone to bring colour into their lives.

Want to connect with Nadine? Reach out through the Canadian Women’s Foundation website.

Want to connect with Chantal? Reach out through Facebook, Etsy and her website.

See Nadine in Chantal’s design at the Heart Truth Fashion Show on February 11, 2017. Purchase your ticket here.

From our hearts to yours,

The Heart Truth Calgary Family


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